Quantix. Smart thinking and a solid know-how base for wings to help it fly.

An innovative start-up company based on long-standing experience.

Quantix can certainly be regarded as the epitome of an innovative start-up company yet this is not enough to realize our true, ever-present objective: a relentless quest for technological innovation. Underlying this, originative thinking – and a vision of the future which is not confined to business results but asks one to look beyond: we dare to dream of a new kind of company as well as a new kind of digital printing.

Quantix is still a young company, but all the people behind it can boast a lot of experience in the digital printing industry. This combination of know-how and creativity enabled us to turn visionary ideas into rock-solid solutions: our main goal is relentless innovation – in technology, production and design.


‘Smart’ companies are working their way to success.

Obviously, Quantix is part of the worldwide trend towards ‘smart’ production.
What does this mean? We abandon the idea of a business whose entire activity takes place in a specific area, in favour of a streamlined workflow based on distributed partnerships. So Novum, our new DTO digital printer, shall be produced directly on site with the consequent deployment of technology and skills.

From thoughts to action.

Quantix is still very young, but our heart beats as fast as a hummingbird’s: we were able to forge ahead very rapidly.

December 2020

An idea for an innovative start-up company

We began to think about an initiative intended to develop and market a new-generation solution for Direct-To-Object digital inkjet printing tasks.

January 2021

We come up with a suitable name and Quantix is officially registered as a company

February 2021

Choosing a logotype is important to get off to a good start....

February 2021

Design and development of a new-generation DTO digital printer start off in Vigevano

March 2021

Quantix files its very first patent

April 2021

Quantix qualifies as “Innovating start-up company”, with a special status recognized by Italian law.

May 2021

Novum is born!

ONE first client appears to be interested—and they decide to put faith in our project. The Quantix team grows in size and skills

June 2021

The Quantix testbed starts printing the earliest specimens

July 2021

Quantix’s DTO digital printer “Novum” takes the first steps in the decoration of metal containers

August 2021

No summer holiday for the Quantix team! We enjoy every single moment as we watched how our “baby” made progress

September 2021

The first Novum printer left the premises for its future place of work: we’ll keep you posted on LinkedIn!


People who take things seriously…

…but also somewhat light-heartedly.


Ever since his early childhood he showed a promising inclination to break old patterns and think outside the box.

He took up mechanical engineering and experienced unforgettable moments in the car industry (and elsewhere).

Almost 30 years in the packaging machinery and inkjet digital printing industry haven’t been able to affect either his enthusiasm or his thin streak of madness.


Style, professionalism and a love of tube-like structures have always been his hallmark..

Whether in his life or on the job, he is inclined to persevere until he reaches the top.

Nearly 40 years in the machinery industry enabled him to learn new environments and value them.


Composure and open-mindedness have always been the basis of his approach to an exacting challenge.

Being steadfast in striving to reach his goals was a great help in any initiative he ever undertook.

Trustworthiness and strictness have been part of his nature throughout his entire life.

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