High speed DTO printing is part of our DNA.

Introducing Novum by Quantix.
An innovative DTO digital printer, twice as fast, half as large. Half the size, double the speed.


Quantix. An innovative DTO digital inkjet printer for packaging, suitable for all kind sorts of shapes and material.


Quantix is still a young company, but all the people behind it can boast a lot of experience in the digital printing industry.

Our combination of know-how and creativeness enables us to turn visionary ideas into rock-solid solutions: our main goal is relentless innovation—and this applies to technology as well as to the development of cutting-edge projects.


People who want to be ahead of their rivals must also look ahead—and plan ahead too.

We at Quantix are well in advance of the competition because we have been able to create Novum, the very first second-generation DTO digital printer, half size as current printers but with double speed.

Moreover, we have been able to achieve this important goal while paying specific attention to sustainability.


Ever evolving

Our new DTO digital printer is meant for high-speed industrial applications, leveraging the latest and most advanced manufacturing technologies.

Novum can provide additional innovation and value, beyond the limits that can be reached using current technology, viz.:

  • the restriction of having a minimum lot to produce becomes a thing of the past,
  • print quality can attain photorealistic quality levels,
  • the environmental impact of the printing process is kept to a minimum,
  • new positions will be created, to be filled by people characterized by greater skill and proficiency.


Novum’s single-pass technology provides higher productivity: pictures are…



Novum features a modular design, designed to meet current requirements…



With Novum, we envisaged a thorough interconnection with the web, also with…



Novum takes advantage of its own ‘Green Technology’ to turn can decoration into a…


Adding value to your cans and containers - any size, any kind.

Taking advantage of the many technological innovations applied to Novum, our company expanded the range of possible decorations to cans and other containers.

You will not be confined to cylindrical containers, nor to just slightly tapering ones. As it uses the contactless printing technology which is typical of inkjet printers, as well as other innovations, Novum can print on more complex shapes and surfaces.

Indeed, one of Novum’s distinguishing features is its great versatility, used to modify and decorate two kinds of printable containers, viz. metal and plastic ones.

contenitori stampabili con stampa inkjet senza contatto

Who may benefit from our printers?
Brand owners and third parties.

Thanks to the great versatility of DTO digital printing, Novum is bound to appeal to large segments of the market.

The manufacturers of cans and sundry containers will be the first to be able to avail themselves of Novum and profit from its benefits, as they will be able to replace conventional printing techniques (such as letterpress, offset printing, silk-screen printing, flexography, heat transfer, labelling, heat-shrink sleeves, etc.) with this digital printing technology.

New opportunities will open up in the production chain, with unprecedented benefits in terms of logistics and product sub-segmentation.

Brand owners and subcontractors may also decide to integrate Novum with their can filling lines. Novum’s advantages would increase market reactivity and shorten the logistic chain, thus reducing the required lead time when issuing purchasing orders and optimizing quantities to match actual product availability or transient market demand.
Besides, because of Novum the danger of your containers becoming obsolete would just disappear, positively impacting manufacturing costs and the environment.

The integration of a high-tech Novum system in your production chain brings about evolution, speed and optimization.


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